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Prior to when I founded Sokedion, I’ve always had combination skin type which is oily at the T-zone and dry at the jaw area. Finding the right skincare product that catered to my skin type was always challenging because those that claim their products were good for my skin type were not always good for me and unfortunately made things worse.

Because of the oily part of my skin, I was very self-conscious, always looking in the mirror to see how oily my face was, feeling like my face was always dirty and sometimes embarrassed that people were looking at my oily face and that was no fun. I used to make fun of myself that I could fry eggs on my forehead with no extra oil because I had enough oil on my forehead to do it. I know, TMI but no joke that’s how I felt.

As a Registered Nurse working night shift, it was very stressful for me as well, which made my combination skin worse,

" So I knew I had to help my skin function at its best. "

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The skincare world has become so frustrating and complicated with long multi-step routines that a simple girl like me wanted a simple, minimalist approach that catered to my skin type.

One of the things I came to realize was that oils were very nourishing to the skin and certain oils helped stabilize oil production in the skin and were fantastic for people with oily and combination skin contrary to popular belief that people with oily skin should avoid oils.

I also realized that when oils that are good for oily and combination skin are mixed with other great and beneficial ingredients, solutions come to life, so I researched and came up with Vitamin Ninja Oil-Stabilizing Antioxidant Face Cream which helps to stabilize oil production in addition to other benefits and is one of the best moisturizers for oily and combination skin.

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I Know You’re Asking Yourself Right Now, Why Should I Care About This Face Cream And What Is It Going To Do For Me.

Well, let’s talk about it.

But Don’t Take My Word For It,

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